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Today’s technology affords us easy access to a wealth of information, from simple to complex and from fact to fiction.  So if you believe that “knowledge is power” then you have found a safe “web” haven here that clearly and accurately addresses ear and hearing issues, such as: tinnitus, hearing loss, hyperacusis, Meniere’s disease – as well as understanding procedures and viable treatment options available.  You will also find information about audiologists, hearing tests, digital hearing aids, custom made ear products (musician plugs, ear molds and swim plugs), hearing protection, Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, masking, Neuromonics and other services.

The daily challenges we face, demand we give attention to how we find the proper solution to effectively resolve our individual ear and hearing concerns; this will afford us to communicate with confidence and ease on a personal, social and professional level.  This sometimes challenging (tinnitus and/or hearing) journey does not have to be done alone, but rather with the help and guidance of a certified, licensed, knowledgeable and caring audiologist.

All of us at Mraz Audiology Consulting respect your time, and ours, that is why it is important that each of us be easily accessible and readily available to answer your phone calls, emails and snail mail in a timely fashion.

We welcome patients from newborn to geriatric population.  Spanish services are also available (servicios disponible en Español). 

This site is designed specifically to be user-friendly, educational, and interactive.


Please proceed with ease.

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